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Primavera Timesheet tabloları

What are the Primavera tables that are used by Timesheets?

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Timesheets will use the following Tables in the Primavera Database:


The available dates from which Timesheets can be created are in the TSDATES table.
Records in this table reflect list of dates in the 'Timesheet Dates Administration' window under Admin, Timesheet Dates in Project Planner.

Once a range of Timesheet dates are selected by a user running Timesheets, a new record is created in the TIMESHT table
This new record links a Timesheets user's reported hours to a specific Timesheet. Timesheets in this table are submitted for approval
and reflect the list found in the 'Time Approval' window under Tools, Time Approval in Project Planner.

Actual Hours that are entered into Timesheets will generate new records in the RSRCHOUR table. Hours in the RSRCHOUR table will update the Project Planner Resource Actuals from the 'Apply Actuals' window under Tools, Apply Actuals in Project Planner.

Note: The RSRCHOUR table is the primary table used for generating reports from Timesheets time entries.

The tables and field descriptions are listed below. For a complete listing of Primavera tables, see the schema documents that are available on the Documentation CD.

Table Field PK Datatype Definition

rsrchour Resource-timesheet hours
rsrc_hr_id PK Number(10) Unique ID
taskrsrc_id Number(10) FK to taskrsrc table - identifies the task-resource assignment (if project activity)
ts_id Number(10) FK to tsdates table - identifies the timesheet period
rsrc_id Number(10) FK to rsrc table - identifies the resource
nonwork_type_id Number(10) FK to nonwork table - identifies the overhead code (if overhead activity)
proj_id Number(10) FK to project table - identifies the project (if project activity)
task_ts_flag Char(1) Indicates placeholder rows for timesheet tasks, always false for storing hours
work_date Date Date for resource-timesheet hours
status_code Varchar2(20) The current approval level, when timesheets require approval.
pend_hr_cnt Number(10,2) Count of hours, prior to approval
pend_ot_hr_cnt Number(10,2) Count of overtime hours, prior to approval
hr_cnt Number(10,2) Count of hours, approved
ot_hr_cnt Number(10,2) Count of overtime hours, approved

tsdates Timesheet periods
ts_id PK Number(10) Unique ID
start_date Date Timesheet period start date
end_date Date Timesheet period finish date

timesht Resource timesheets
ts_id PK Number(10) FK to tsdates table - identifies the timesheet period
rsrc_id PK Number(10) FK to rsrc table - identifies the resource
status_code Varchar2(20) Indicates whether timesheet currently is not started, active, submitted, approved or rejected
daily_flag Char(1) Indicates whether timesheet hours entered daily or for entire timesheet reporting period
status_date Date Date of the last change to the status of the timesheet
user_id Number(10) FK to users table - identifies user who last changed the status of the timesheet
last_recv_date Date Last date the timesheet was submitted by the user (Remote or Direct ERPS)
ts_notes Memo Timesheet notes entered by resource and/or timesheet reviewer

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