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Unifier OpenOffice Extension Installation Guide

Primavera Unifier OpenOffice Extension is a tool for Unifier Administrators to fetch, create and update Unifier BP records. Here is the Unifier OpenOffice Extension Installation Guide.


Unifier Open Office Extension is a tool for Unifier Administrators to fetch, create and update Unifier BP records.

Supported Versions

OpenOffice Extension for Unifier is tested on the following software:

Software Version
Oracle Primavera Unifier Server side
OpenOffice 4.1.1 Client side
Java Runtime (32 Bit) JRE 1.8.0_45 Client side

Pre-Installation Tasks

Preparing the Client

Make sure that a 32 bit JRE is installed on the client machine before installing OpenOffice.
You can choose which JRE version to download from :
Apache OpenOffice can be downloaded from the following location:
After downloading (For ex. Apache_OpenOffice_4.1.1_Win_x86_install_en-US.exe) install OpenOffice using on-screen instructions.
It is OK to install Calc module only.

Preparing Unifier Application Server

Unifier Extension is able to fetch field definitions from Unifier Application server if a certain User Defined Report (UDR) is prepared and enabled for integration.
Following procedure should be followed to prepare such UDR:

1) On the Company workspace switch to Admin mode and select :
Data Structure Setup -> Data Views

2) Create New data view and enter the following information

Name DataFields
Label DataFields
Description OpenOffice Unifier Extension View
SQL Definition select
and dd.registry='unifier'
and df.registry='unifier'
order by df.FIELD_NAME

Note: “DataFields” is not a mandatory name. It is just an example data view name to be used in the rest of this document.

3) Press “OK”, then select: “Status” -> “Published” from the Unifier toolbar.
First phase of the server configuration is complete. Now we need to create a new User Defined Report.

4) Switch to “User” mode, and select “Reports” -> “User Defined”

5) After Clicking “New”, select “DataFields” for “Data type” and “Tabular” for “Report Type”.

If you can not see “DataFields” option in “Data Type” combo box, make sure that your data view named “DataFields” is in published state.

6) Name your report as : “Data Fields”, mark “Enable for Integration”

7) On the Data Elements tab press “Add Elements” button, then select all elements.

8) You do not need to make any other configuration on this report. Press “OK” button.

9) You have to make sure that UDR is enabled for integration. Such reports are marked with a special symbol on the user interface.


Dowload UnifierAddOn.oxt from PRM Software’s web site.
Double click on the downloaded file.

Installation will be complete after you press OK button.

You should now be able to see Unifier menu and toolbar in the OpenOffice Calc module.


Open OpenOffice Calc. Select “Tools” -> “Options…” from menu.

Connection Options

In the options screen select “Unifier” -> “Connection” node.

Enter Unifier servers host address in the Unifier URL box. It should be in the form:
http://<hostname or ip address>:<port no>

For example; http://unifierserver:7002 or are valid Unifier URL values
“Company short name” and “Authentication key” values are configured within Unifier company screen.

BP Options

Because Unifier does not support a web service that provides BP names; Unifier OO Extension uses manual BP names entry. Just add the BP names that you want to use with this add-on.


You can set some default values and behavioral options for the add-on using this page.

Field Explanation
Default Project Number This project number will be automatically selected in the project combo boxes.
UDR name for data fields Name of the UDR that is mentioned within this document
Base commit BP name Used for Payment Application features of the extension. Contract BP name is required to fetch the correct SOV.
Payment Application BP name Used for Payment Application features of the extension
Confirm form submission Controls if the program should show a confirmation message on each create/update request.
Enforce field validation Controls if the system will use data field definitions to validate entered values (Data Field definitions are fetched using UDR mentioned in this document)

Known Bugs and Limitations

Currently OpenOffice Calc supports a list of 256 values for cell validation. Because of this limitation we can put 256 Cost Codes on cost code cells.
This problem will be resolved in future versions.

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