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How is Performance Percent Complete Calculated in Primavera P6?

The Performance Percent Complete calculation in Primavera P6 is defined at the WBS level.  Define which technique to use by going to Project, WBS, then selecting the Earned Value tab. This article do not explain how summary (rolled-up) performance % complete is calculated. It is discussed at this article:Why Performance % Complete doesn't roll up in Primavera P6?

Performance Percent Complete is used to calculate Earned Value based on the following:

Earned Value Cost = Budget At Completion * Performance percent complete

Earned Value Labor Units = BL Budgeted Labor Units * Performance percent complete
There are 5 different techniques for computing Performance Percent Complete in Primavera P6.

Activity % Complete:   Performance % complete is equal to the Activity % complete. This is the default and most used option.  This option means simply,
Performance Percent Complete = Activity Percent Complete = Whatever you selected as the activity % complete type (Duration % Complete, Units % Complete, Physical % Complete

Use WBS Milestones:  Calculate performance percent complete by defining milestones at the WBS level and assigning a level of significance or weight to each of them.  As progress occurs and you mark each milestone complete, the WBS element's Performance Percent Complete is calculated based on the weight of the milestone.

0/100 % Complete:   Performance Percent Complete is 0 until the activity is complete.  Once the activity is complete, Performance Percent Complete is 100.

50/50 % Complete:  Once an activity is started, Performance Percent Complete is 50.  Performance Percent Complete remains at 50% until the activity finishes, at which time the percent is 100.

Custom % Complete:  Manually enter a Performance Percent Complete at any WBS level. This percentage applies to all activities within the WBS level once an Actual Start is applied to the activity.   After the activity is completed, the activity's Performance Percent Complete is 100 percent.

A utility to import/export P6 data

Import P6 data including WBS, activity codes, resources, unit prices etc. from Excel spreadsheets easily with our utility: PRMTransfer.

A replacement for the old Primavera SDK based import

As Primavera SDK is not supported with recent Primavera P6 releases this utility may replace SDK based Excel sheets we used to utilize. PRMTransfer facilitates Primavera API for bi-directional data exchange.

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