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POBS Eraser Tool Removes POBS Section from XER Files in Primavera P6

The POBS eraser tool reads XER files, removes the POBS section and then generates new XER files to a folder specified by user.
Please note that the tool simply finds the beginning and end of the POBS section in a fixed format. It may fail to recognize the beginning or end due to bad formatting such as extra spaces caused by manual edit or 3rd party tools.

In which cases should we use the tool?

  • when an error occurs when trying to import an XER file, as described in KM note:  Error Importing XER: ORA-12899: value too large for column "ADMUSER"."POBS"."POBS_NAME".
  • when the POBS section of an exported project is large and causes import performance issue.
  • when user wants to remove the POBS section, but he does not want to do it manually.

How to use the tool?

Download the tool

  1. Download the attached file "PobsEraser.exe".
For Windows 32-bit:
For Windows 64-bit:

Start up the tool and have it process XER files

  1. Double-click the tool to start it up.
  2. Drag and drop XER files to the tool dialog, it will prompt you for the destination folder where the new XER files will be generated.
  3. Specify the output folder then click "OK".
  4. Browse to the folder you specified and find the generated files. The generated files are named as "[NO-POBS]+<the original file name>". For e.g. "[NO-POBS]my.xer".


We recommend you never overwrite the original file and please keep the original file.

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