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Percent Complete Fields And Their Calculations in Primavera P6

Here is the explanation of calculations used for each percent complete field in Primavera P6.

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Why Performance % Complete doesn't roll up in Primavera P6?

Despite having  Performance % Complete value for all the activities within a WBS level, you may not see a rolled up value for that WBS level. 

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What is the Formula to Calculate Schedule Percent Complete in Primavera P6?

The Schedule % Complete in Primavera P6 specifies how much of the activity's baseline duration has been completed so far. Computed based on where the current data date falls between the activity's baseline start and finish dates.

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How progress should be represented?

How do you read the status of this activity? It looks like blue actual bar is not truly representing activity progress as it is more than 20% of total bar length.

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Webinar:Schedule Integration with Oracle Primavera Cloud

24th of November 2020

Project schedulers would appreciate the difficulty of integrating different contractor schedules and build a master program out of them.

Oracle Primavera Cloud may lend a helping hand and save many days of work. With cloud and collaborative features, enforcing standard data structures and advanced scheduling capabilities, it can streamline the schedule building and review process. 

Join us to see how!
This free webinar will be delivered in English.

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